Here are 5 things you can do this Independence Day Cook For Family: Stay at home and cook your family a sumptuous meal. Independence Day is a national holiday and all members of the family, who are generally away on a normal day, gets to stay at home. You can plan a lunch or dinner with them and cook your favourite delicacies.

The $69.99 toy, she learned, is quite simple: a glittery, dome shaped plastic case filled with 50 surprises four dolls, along with accessories, clothing, charms and other knick knacks that must be individually unwrapped. Much of the appeal of the Big Surprise is in its slow reveal. It can take hours, purchasers say, to peel away the toy’s layers and figure out exactly what’s inside.

The Ethisphere Institute named Nike as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for 2010. Companies and produced a 2010 Green Rankings List. Nike, was 10th on the list, and was noted for having a strong commitment to evaluating and improving the al footprint of its suppliers.

CMHC found about one third of people are renting to family, something the economist says is a good thing because it creates stability.So, Mike Babcock, you want to buy a condo in Toronto? Here’s what you getJoe Oliver tells realtors Ottawa will stay out of housing market because no bubble seen shows the market is not as crazy as people perceived, said TalCMHC surveyed 42,191 households in the Toronto and Vancouver regions and asked whether they owned a condominium. Of those that owned at least one condo, 83.8 per cent own or reside in it, while 16.2 per cent own a primary residence and at least one secondary condo unit.One critical issue not covered by the survey is foreign ownership, a decision that appears to have been at least partly driven by cost.In a release, CMHC said, to survey design and cost considerations, it had left out the foreign investor question. It plans a more thorough survey on foreign ownership in December.In December 2014, CMHC did its first study of foreign ownership and found only 2.4 per cent of condominiums in Toronto were being bought by foreign residents.This shows the market is not as crazy as people perceivedCMHC said Friday release was more focused on domestic buyers and it found they are in a strong equity position.

Expectations: 1/10Overall Bust Index: 19/30With Wuerffel at the helm, Florida won four consecutive SEC championships from 1993 to 1996. Undersized at 6’1″, he was taken with the No. 99 pick by the Saints in the 1997 draft. “They include Chris and Matt. Both are well versed in match play and both want to win this event, there’s no doubt about that. But a lot will depend on the draw.