Dollingera, e ogoszona cz Tajemnicy jest autentyczna oraz e niepublikowana cz Tajemnicy mwi o soborze i zej mszy ktra miaa pojawi si w bliskiej przyszoci.Historyczne fakty s wic takie, e Ziemianie do dnia dzisiejszego nie znaj penej treci kosmicznego manuskryptu podyktowanego przez Plejadian ( pani siostrze ucji dos Santos, zwanego Trzeci Tajemnic Fatimsk.Plejadianie s cywilizacj antysowiask, dlatego eksperyment przez cae sto lat by geopolitycznie wymierzony przeciwko Rosji. Sowianie pochodz z Lemurii (nieistniejcego dzi kontynentu Mu) i nam pomagaj inne od Plejadian cywilizacje. Jest to jednak pomoc nieinwazyjna, wic Wielkiej Pobudki Sowian musimy dokona sami musz tego dokonaistoty w ludzkich ciaach..

They helped double revenues for the basketball team to over $4 million dollars in their freshman season. By 1994, their popularity led Michigan to become one of the first college sports programs to sign a multi million dollar endorsement deal with Nike. Last year, Michigan signed a 15 year deal with Nike, this one for upwards of $170 million.

Going dark with no heat: More than 40,000 customers in Virginia and North Carolina had no power Thursday, according to provider Dominion Energy. And a day after the storm struck the Southeast, more than 8,000 customers were also without power in Florida, according to Duke Energy. At New York City LaGuardia Airport, 90% of Thursday flights are canceled.

It felt like everyone was talking about Shaquem and his road to the combine, a road that began with surgery when he was 4. That’s when doctors decided to amputate his left arm the day after his mother found him threatening to cut off his fingers with a kitchen knife. It was the only way he could think of to cope with the searing pain in his hand, the result of Amniotic Band Syndrome his mother suffered while pregnant, causing an amniotic membraneto wrap around his hand..

Winner of the series will represent District 7 in the Texas Teenage Baseball Association tournament at Irving August 10 11 12. T Admission to the games at Walker Park will be 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for students. Trophies that will be awarded may be seen in the window at Martin Drug Co.

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