The entire self-help guide to AO3, or “An Archive of Our Own”, the Fanfiction and FanArt portal. Select the link within this artilce to start posting or reading through, works and Fanart about Harry Potter, Game of thrones, Anime series and much more.

ABout Ao3. The Corporation for Transformative Functions (OTW) is really a nonprofit organization, recognized by fans in 2007, to provide the passions of enthusiasts by providing usage of and conserving the history of fanworks and fan tradition in the myriad forms. We feel that fanworks are transformative and that transformative functions are legitimate.

Our company is positive and innovative in safeguarding and defending our function from industrial exploitation and legal obstacle. We protect our fannish economy, principles, and inventive expression by safeguarding and taking care of our other fans, our function, our commentary, our background, and our identity whilst offering the broadest possible usage of fannish activity for those fans.

The Archive in our Very own delivers a noncommercial and not-for-profit central web hosting place for fanworks utilizing open up-source archiving software.

Fanlore, a fandom wiki devoted to preserving a brief history of transformative fanworks and the fandoms that they have arisen.

Lawful Advocacy focused on protecting and defending fanworks from industrial exploitation and legal obstacle.

Open Doorways, that provides shelter to at-danger fannish projects.

Transformative Works and Cultures, a peer-reviewed academic journal that seeks to market scholarship on fanworks and practices.

You will discover a little more about the OTW along with its projects at its web site,, and find out about the way your monetary assistance is essential for the continuation and increase of the OTW’s work with its Frequently asked questions page. If you have a mass media or research concern, make sure you contact the Communications.

This can bring you to the task Research page. This web site enables customers to browse works in a number of ways: Label, Name, Author, Words, Strikes, Kudos, Released Date, and Language. The small light blue concern tag symbols will bring up assist pop-ups with increased information.

You may also search via the filter systems. As soon as you have chosen a fandom, it is possible to narrow down your outcomes additional by Ranking, Warning, Group, Fandom, Personality, Relationship, or Freeform. You can even sort alphabetically by author, alphabetically by title, date, term matter, kudos, comments, book marks or hits (if this option is switched on inside your Preferences).

The filter boxes will demonstrate the best 10 most popular labels for every category. When the choice you would like is not showing within the filters, you have two options:

1. Kind the tag you’re looking for in the ‘Other Tags’ package. Some suggestions can come up in autocomplete to help you out, however, if what you want is not one of the suggestions, you can type it in yourself. (Note that tags that don’t can be found in the autocomplete are low-canonical and could not necessarily give expected results.) All types of labels may be mixed and matched up: John Luther (personality), The Losers (2010) (fandom), Crossover (extra tag) can all be entered inside the same textual content field and will be factored to your filter results.

2. Select some options from your readily available choices to define your results, then filter again. For example, should you begin with Stargate – All Collection you’ll get filter systems showing the top ten characters across the entire from the Stargate universe, such as characters from Stargate SG-1, like Teal’c. Should you choose ‘Stargate Atlantis’ and filter once again, filters will highlight merely the top 10 figures from Stargate Atlantis. You can drill lower to get more and much more specific filter results.

Take note that selecting a choice within the filter systems will always create an And check – so if you select ‘Naruto’, ‘Bleach’, ‘Mature’ you’ll get works tagged with Chlorine bleach AND Naruto With the Mature rating. If you want to include OR or NOT options to your browsing, you will want to use the ‘search in your results’ choice.

The filter research package will search all types of tags additionally summaries and notes for that keywords you put in, and define the results to only those matches.

In contrast to the ticky boxes and the autocomplete field, this search box enables to you personally to produce outcomes containing one thing Or any other, not each of them. So, ticking Thane Krios and Liara T’Soni in the Bulk Impact web page will find you just functions that have each figures. Departing the tickies alone and entering Thane OR Liara in the search field will discover you works jointly with one or even the other or each. You can ticky the other boxes, e.g. only Specific functions and merely F/M pairings, to define your search results, and select a working option. Remember that this field only queries in your selection, therefore if you’re already on a fandom page, adding unrelated fandoms within an OR research will not add functions from these fandoms in your outcomes.

Conversely, you can use the NOT research operator (or perhaps the minus sign “-”) to specify things you don’t want to see within your outcomes. So, for instance, on the Death Be aware web page you might ticky “Mature” within the Ranking options and “L/Yagami Light” under Connection, and then get into -“major character death” or NOT “major personality death” to the search area. This may exclude works jointly with that warning.

Check This Out assist pop-up for additional information and good examples about what different searches you can run.

(Please be aware, if you are looking for a label or phrase that uses one of those figures, put it in “quotes” to make sure it’s sought out correctly. “X-guys” works; By-men will search for “X NOT men”, so will most likely not enable you to get the preferred outcomes.)

Just how do i hunt for particular AO3 labels?

There are a few ways to look for tags. The tags area in Advanced Research will look for functions connected with particular labels. You an also use Tag Research to find a specific form of label (Fandom, Personality, Relationship, or Freeform). “Canonical” labels queries only the tags that show up in filters (begin to see the Tag FAQ for additional information.)

How do i find AO3 functions or bookmarks by way of a particular consumer?

In the event you follow the link over a user’s title around the Archive, you’ll be utilized to their webpage, where one can see their functions, bookmarks, and profile.

You are able to proceed to the ‘People’ web page (in the primary navigation from the Archive) and look all customers. Click this link in the title or pseud you need to see and you will head to their home web page with their works, bookmarks, and user profile.

You can utilize the research box at the very top right-hands corner in the page to find a user’s name.

How do I discover functions or book marks for the fandom?

If you follow the link over a fandom name anywhere in the Archive, you’ll be demonstrated functions under that fandom. You can adhere to the ‘Bookmarks’ hyperlink on top of the web page to see bookmarks for your fandom instead.

You are able to visit the ‘Fandoms’ page (in the primary navigation from the Archive) to find out a listing of all fandoms which currently have works or bookmarks within the Archive. Click this link on the fandom title and you will definitely find works for that fandom.

You can use the search box at the top right-hand area of the page to find a certain fandom.

Exactly what do the little boxes close to each AO3 function signify?

They suggest the work’s rating and category, whether or not it offers any warnings, and whether it’s complete. You will discover the entire variety of definitions by exploring the Icons Key.

How do i steer clear of certain types of AO3 functions in the Archive?

All works on the Archive have a lot of metadata, including rankings and warnings. (See much more about our policies on Ratings and Warnings inside the TOS FAQ. This implies you will discover details about the work prior to deciding to open it. Additionally, you will discover summaries for the majority of works within the works blurb.

How do i steer clear of viewing alerts or labels for functions?

Automatically, the metadata for works includes warnings as well as any labels the author has provided. We understand that many people would like to not have this info before they look at the fic, so we’ve launched an option to conceal alerts or labels by default. You determine this in ‘Preferences’ on My Home. When it’s enabled, alerts will be replaced by way of a link stating ‘Show warnings’ and labels by a hyperlink saying ‘Show tags’. You can follow the link if you want to begin to see the concealed details (demands javascript to function).

You may constantly see warnings and labels by yourself works, even though you have this option enabled, as we shape you won’t possess shocks there!

How can i get more details if my question isn’t answered here?

Some frequently asked questions regarding the Archive are answered in other parts of the Archive Frequently asked questions, and a few common terminology is defined in our Glossary. Questions and answers about our Terms of Service may be found in the Terms of Service Frequently asked questions. You might also like to consider our Known Issues. If you need much more assist, make sure you send a Assistance ask for.

Can I download AO3 works from your Archive to gain access to later on?

Yes, AO3 facilitates downloads of functions into four formats. You don’t must choose “Whole Function” to obtain the entire work, the download will contain it instantly. This means you can’t selectively obtain individual chapters or range of chapters through the function; the download will always include all of the available chapters.

Be aware that downloading only include text and possibly pictures, based on the obtain format. Video and audio won’t be downloaded. For additional info on what is included in downloads, please refer to Will pictures/audio/video show up in acquired works?

What formats can I download AO3 fanworks in?

We provide you with downloads in HTML, PDF, MOBI and EPUB. These formats can be accessed on your personal computer and also on an array of transportable devices, including although not confined to phones (e.g. Apple apple iphones, Samsung Galaxy), e-readers (e.g. Kindle Reader), and tablets (e.g. Apple iPads, Amazon . com Flame). To learn more about precisely what is included with every download structure, please refer to Will pictures/audio/video appear in acquired works?

Can One produce a skin to alter how the downloaded AO3 function looks?

No. It is possible to change just how the Archive is exhibited to you personally by making use of a site skin (for additional information, make reference to the Skin and Archive User interface FAQ), but this choice isn’t designed for downloading. Various gadgets manage e-book and picture layouts in different ways, so it’s very difficult for us to provide a skin that is useful for everybody.

Pictures will likely be saved if the obtain structure is PDF or Html code (for that Html code structure, pictures will be stored only if you decide to obtain being a complete website). Because pictures can’t presently be managed around the Archive, they ought to be managed externally. This means that all other options will add the pictures in to the documents, as well as the images is only going to display if the gadget allows for it and contains an internet connection.

Dependant upon the obtain format, a acquired work with embedded video may or may not save a graphic from your video to the obtain. Audio embeds won’t be stored. If your downloaded effort is missing inlayed files, you’ll must visit the initial work on the Archive to access them. For easier access, all downloaded works include a hyperlink to the original work with the Archive.

May I turn off downloading in my AO3 works?

No. One of our premiere factors behind offering a download option is accessibility. Users might not be able to effortlessly accessibility works on the Archive immediately. Downloads assist these customers by providing them additional control over where and when they access functions and what gadgets they could use to do this. To guarantee the Archive remains as available as is possible, we wish to make sure that these options are available for all functions.

If you wish to get more power over who accesses your works, you can choose to only display your work to registered Archive users (reference Just how do i manage that can accessibility my functions? for more details). However, this is not foolproof because users from the Archive can save and share your job with other individuals even though you’ve limited access to the work.

How can i have more details if my question is not clarified here?

Some frequently requested questions about the Archive have been answered in other parts of the Archive Frequently asked questions, plus some common terms is defined in our Glossary. Questions and answers about our Relation to Services are available in the Terms of Service Frequently asked questions. You may also like to consider our Known Problems. If you want more help, make sure you send a Support request.

How do you create an AO3 accounts? To produce your account, you require an invitation code or hyperlink (make reference to the Invites FAQ for additional information). Once you get an invite email, utilize the hyperlink provided inside the e-mail to visit xfadho the accounts creation web page. If you’ve been furnished with an invitation hyperlink by another user, by using this hyperlink should take you to the correct location. If you have been provided a simple program code (several numbers and characters), then reference How do you use an invitation that is certainly not a link?

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